Computational Systems Biology Group

Department of Bioengineering, Gebze Technical University, TURKEY

Hamza Umut Karakurt

Ph.D Student

Gebze Technical University M. Jafar Khatibipour
Department of Bioengineering
Computational Systems Biology Group
Mailto: hkarakurt[at]
Room: Bioengineering Building, 210
Phone: +90 506 775 47 55


I have received my B.Sc degree from Department of Biochemistry at Ege University, Turkey. I continued my graduate education in Gebze Technical University. I have Molecular Biology and Genetics M.Sc degree and Bioinformatics and Systems Biology M.Sc degree. Both of my M.Sc theses focus on analysis, modelling and integration of transcriptome data. My main focus area is analysis, modelling and integration of bulk and single cell RNA-Seq data. I also work on the implementation of machine learning and deep learning approaches in bioinformatics. I had internships in Babraham Institute, Cambridge and Institut Curie, Paris.

I am currently a Ph.D student at Department of Bioengineering at Gebze Technical University and also working as R&D Engineer in Idea Technology Solutions.