Computational Systems Biology Group

Department of Bioengineering, Gebze Technical University, TURKEY

Emre Taylan Duman

Ph.D Student

Gebze Technical University E. Taylan Duman
Department of Bioengineering
Computational Systems Biology Group
Mailto: etduman2018 [at]
Room: Bioengineering Building, 205
Phone: +90 262 605 32 55


I have received my B.Sc degree from Department of Bioengineering at Ege University, Turkey. I continued my graduate education in the same department, and performed my M.Sc thesis about the design, simulation and the optimization of the patented low-shear bioreactor. I am a member of the group since September 2018.

I am currently a Ph.D candidate in Department of Bioengineering at Gebze Technical University and Machine Learning and AI scholar in Computer Science at GTU.

Ph.D. Project

My main Ph.D. project is about implementation of the deep learning approaches for the processing of NGS data and the raw signals to learn error patterns in the files.