Computational Systems Biology Group

Department of Bioengineering, Gebze Technical University, TURKEY

Elif Emanetci

Ph.D Student

Gebze Technical University Elif Emanetci
Department of Bioengineering
Computational Systems Biology Group
Mail: eemanetci [at]
Room: Bioengineering Building, 210
Phone: +90 262 605 32 58


I have received my B.Sc degree from Department of Bioengineering at Marmara University, Turkey. I continued my graduate education in the Gebze Technical University at Bioinformatics and Systems Biology M.Sc program. My M.Sc thesis was about the subnetwork discovery and network inference from age-related transcriptome data with a focus on memory deficits and learning. I am a member of CSB group since September 2016.

I am currently a Ph.D student in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology Program at Department of Bioengineering at Gebze Technical University.

M.Sc. Project

My M.Sc. project is titled as "Network-based analysis of cognitive impairment and memory deficits from transcriptome data". In this study, we aimed to understand the effect of aging on memory and learning mechanisms by analysing transcriptome data that were obtained from trained and non-trained rats. We used Subnetwork Discovery tools to create meaningful, functional subnetworks via integrating/mapping transcriptome data on the organism-specific Protein Protein Interaction network. Moreover, we used Network Inference approaches to obtain modules that include highly correlated proteins, which can be used to understand the memory and learning mechanisms at molecular level.

Ph.D. Project

My Ph.D. project will be about one of the most important neurological diseases, Alzheimer's Disease. I am currently working on Subnetwork Discovery algorithms, Network Inference approaches, Metabolic Network Analysis and creating R Shiny applications for bioinformatic algorithms.